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Trade feature idea

what if there was a trade offer feature in jwa?

How it would work: you could have up to 5 trade offers out at once that you set up yourself (example: _____ amount of coins for _____ amount of _____ dna or _____ amount of cash for a scent capsule of some sort). you mist have the resource/amount of resources you want to trade away. players visit your profile to view them. if they want to accept a certain trade, they click a “trade” button by the offer, and they gain the offered resource. when an offer is accepted, the player who set it up will be notified, and on their profile they click a “collect” button by the accepted offer to claim their end of the trade.

what do you think? any changes you would make? would you like it added to the game?


I had done the same thing as you but no one answered me

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I will also propose a level for the trade: with 10 bots with 15 players the more the resource is scarce the less we will get eg: 100 K of coins for 15,000 of tickets

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I agree! (my post was’t long enough)

This is another one of those ideas that sounds fun, but people would abuse it way too much so it could never actually happen.

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