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Trade Harbor Custom Trade Advice

I use my 3 custom trades every day for Dino Bucks, exclusively. Since the intro of the MODs, I have not been able to determine what to trade to maximize my trades along those lines. Formerly I traded 8x block boosters for cash and that generally produced the best predictable results. For the last several weeks I’ve been trading Apatosaurus Fossils for DBs, but those results are less predictable and less favorable than the 8x boosters were.

Thanks for your help!

This is exactly what I do. So far I haven’t found anything with a better return of Dino Bucks as the Apatosaurus fossils, between 170 and 240 bucks.
If you find something better (I don’t think so) let me know.


The only thing better are high level creatures tournament and higher. Of course you need to have those laying around to trade them. I too go the decoration route for DB now.