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Trade harbor EMPTY

My trade harbor has been completely empty for the past 10 days or so, the only way I have found of receiving offers is by refreshing for the 50 dino bucks which is not something I want to continue to do. Is there anything that can be done to reset my trade harbor? This is a bit of a problem for progressing in the game. Please let me know of any possible solutions, thanks.

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Empty, like nothing, or empty except Apatasaurus Fossils? Need have something in the market to draw offers in.


Empty, no offers at all. Unless I refresh, in which case new offers will appear, then expire, and the harbor will be empty again. Big problem slowing down my progress.

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Hey there, FMG_Flame. Could you please email our support team at so our team can take a closer look at your account? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.

Thank you!


I have this problem too. Have you resolved the issue?


Unfortunately no, this problem has not been solved. I have contacted support many times however, they say there is apparently “nothing wrong,” and my trade harbor is “working as intended.” Thing I find irritating is they say I have been making trades so they see no issue. Problem is I pay the 50 dinobucks to refresh to make these trades, I guess they can’t see that on the systems the use to “take a closer look at the account.” I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m sure they could just reset the harbor for people having this issue, I mean that’s what I would expect from support, anyways I’m just gonna wait and see what happens. Might contact them again or something, even though they can’t seem to be able to do anything to help.

Not saying you haven’t been but I would try to be as clear as possible, if you can have screen shots with different time stamps. If I am understanding what has been discussed that after you do the three 50 DB refreshes then 4 hours later you would have zero offers left since they will have all expired and no new ones would have taken their place until you have the ability to refresh them again.

If this is the case I would try to have screen shots that catalog the issue, one starting at right after the last DB refresh since it will show the count down for the next available DB refresh and I would screen shot all of the offers after taking any of the trades that came up, then I would take screen shots every 30-60 minutes as the trades expired but no new trades were added (the DB refresh counter will act as a time stamp). Once all trades have expired I would continue to take screen shots showing the timer continually counting down but no new trades being offered.

If you still do not get any movement on your issue after that I would suggest tagging @Ned here on the forums to see if any additional help can be offered.

Also let me know if I have explained incorrectly what your issue is.


Perfectly described the issue I am having with the harbor, I will send these screenshots to support and see what they can do. Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know what else I could say in order for support to help, going to give this a shot.

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Hi. before all offers disappeared, did you receive any long-term offers? for example, coins for food and expire in 15 days? I’ve had a problem like this (I’m having it again) and I run out of offers. You only get new offers again after the time for that long offer has passed. It’s a very sad bug and I’m sorry to say that, but ludia won’t do anything to fix it (they never helped me with this problem)

Man that sucks, I don’t have that issue in this case with the trade harbor. However I do have a similar problem with my daily missions, Boss dna missions, and even my daily fidelity dinobucks. 50 day timer for all these things to refresh. Luckily for this problem support did compensate by sending me the Dino bucks I missed out on as well as all the daily packs. But yeah very strange bugs.

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same problem that happened to me. Do you play on the pc? this may be the problem, I recommend not playing anymore. the same thing happened to me, there are still 30 days to go back to normal. this is the second time this has happened