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Trade harbor question

Noticed something on D2s game just now. Has trade LPs for a VIP available. Non VIP. Is it possible to get these on occasion or is this an error or something I’m missing?

Pic from her game and one from mine.


I think this has been discussed before, you can’t take that trade, it just shows blocked out trade button instead of sign up button since you don’t have enough lp

When you get enough it shows sign up and you can’t actually make that trade.


I think the explanation to this could be that as she doesn’t have enough LPs the game makes it seem tempting that such offers do indeed apply to Non-VIPs and that she doesn’t have sufficient but I think that if she had 11K Points she’ll also see the Sign Up button.

You beat me to it SpinoSri… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I guess I never paid much attention to it before.

Strange though it only functions that way with the LP trades. As I don’t have enough DB’s but still shows “sign up”



Strange. I got a bucks offer and I didn’t have enough bucks but it still said sign up

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