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Trade Harbor: VIP Trade cycle

There is an issue with this item I am not sure how many people it effects currently so I am creating a stand alone thread.

I have already put in a support ticket and they are looking into it but if you are a VIP member and your standard VIP trade in the Trade Harbor is stuck meaning you only get one type of item you are allowed to trade for please post a reply to this thread. I will be cataloging my trades that fall into this issue so that the support team can reference it if need be.
(Each of these pictures are at different times of the days when the offer had changed, even though a lot of them look identical they are in fact different offers throughout the day)
When I started tracking:





Same…No clock towers, nothing of other VIP buildings, why? If you had done all those trades, you would have 135 of those…oh my god

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I did not exactly tracked them but I know that I had 5 of them about 7 days ago and I only trade them for coins.


10/8 11:20a.m. CET

10/8 3:50p.m. CET

10/8 8:30p.m. CET


These are the only ones I’m getting as well.

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Yes, totally off!

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Yeah, it seems that Ludia don’t want to give us other VIP buildings, so that we spent our loyality points on VIP packs with other VIP buildings >>> we need more Loyality Points, so we should spend money on packs in the market, what else Ludia…

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I whole heartedly believe this is a bug and not working as intended, I just want to gather as much data as possible so Ludia can address it.


I keep getting the same offers but as no longer vip i get the message sign up to do the trade.

I got them several times a day for five days have not seen any today I stopped using coins for them after the second day because I had so many here is a picture of how many I have

Here is a new one I just received in the trade harbor

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Obligatory pictures


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2 within 2 hours this morning. I dont see any different vip items offered on trade

Here is another one at 6am on the 9th of September

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OMG…that’s never worth 16.000.000 food !