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Trade Harbour - 50k VIP Creatures

Hey everyone,

Had a peek through previous threads and couldn’t see anything specific on this so going to pose a question to VIP players, since I suspect you must be a VIP for this to apply (possibly not though).

Do you occasionally encounter trades in the trade harbour for 50k VIP creatures in exchange for 11k VIP points or 11k dino bucks? I do but only ever for one creature - the Proceratosaurus. Whilst this deal is great for that creature and I will gratefully gobble them up at 11k VIP points, I do wish all the other 50k VIP creatures were available via the trade harbour for the same offer. Does anyone else have one creature on regular rotation in the trade harbour or do some of you enjoy trades for all the 50k VIP creatures?

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Proceratosaurus is the only 50K VIP in the TH.

I’m surprised that Proceratosaurus didn’t get demoted to 10K instead of Acrocanthosaurus.


Ah okay, thanks. That strikes me as a little odd… either all of them should be available or none of them :thinking:

I was surprised at Acrocanthosaurus too and made me feel mildly annoyed having recently splashed out roughly 160k VIP points to get mine to level 40! :nauseated_face: