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Trade Harbour glitch

I’m in the middle of a weird sequence in the trade Harbour. I’m not complaining - I’m getting an AF for 467 DB trade every half an hour, plus some sweet Pliosaurus offers, but it doesn’t look right. I have 5 offers to buy Pliosaurus’ that I can no longer afford. 4400 DB, 4400 LP, 52m coin (for 2) and 26m food (for 4!) and a DNA trade.

Each time the TH is refreshing when I start it up, I’m getting the AF for DB trade, followed by a new Pliosaurus’ trade. I’ve bought 4 with coins but I’m out for another 2 hours until I can earn more. Hoping to keep this going for now!

Anyone else experienced anything like this?


Aether would be happy.


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I’m seeing some more instances of the same trade appearing multiple times, typically when I accept the most recent 2 trades from the list. The next time I go back into the game 31-59 minutes later, I see the same 2 trades appear again in the same order. And it isn’t just the same types of trades - it is the exact same volumes for the same trades.

These are the conditions I’ve observed so far:

  • Have fewer than the max 7 offers in the TH
  • Accept the most recent offer when it pops
  • Close out of the game within half an hour so that the refresh pops additional trades
  • Log in again after the 30 minutes have elapsed to take the trades again
  • Repeat until the 3.5 hour cycle is complete

I’ve just now accepted the same coin-to-DB trade twice and will attempt to confirm again and will take screenshots to confirm.


I have now seen these 2 offers three times in the last hour and a half.

Initial setup:

  • AF for coin and AF for food offers left in the trade Harbour
  • only 5 total trade offers in the trade Harbour
  • closed out of the game for the half hourly trade Harbour offer to appear
  • the game generated 2 new trades for me (as there were less than 7 total)
  • the 2 trades below were offered and taken
  • I closed the game for 35 minutes for the trades to refresh again
  • I logged in and the below trades were offered and taken
  • I closed out again and waited ~35 minutes for the refresh
  • I logged in again and the exact same trades were offered and accepted

By this time the AF for Food trade was about to expire so I took it. It appears to have ended the sequence for now.

Interesting that the DB trade amount is the same as in my first post.

BTW pretty happy with the sequence! But it feels dirty.