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Trade Harbour hates Urtinotherium


So, a while back. I won an Urtinotherium in the battle prize, which I didn’t need. So I decided to try and trade it for dino bucks, but for some reason. It wouldn’t come up at all, the Cenozoic section of the trade harbor kept telling me I didn’t have anything to trade.

I contacted Ludia about it, and they said while they tried to look into it, they couldn’t sort out the issue, saying that it would most likely be fixed in the next update. So I ended up having to sell it for DNA in the hatchery.

But now, after winning another Urtinotherium for the raffle prize, the trade harbor is doing it AGAIN! Either this is some sort of bug, or the trade harbor just hates Urtinotherium despite being worth a lot of dino bucks.