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Trade Harbour query

Ok, I cant write with a mouse but ignoring this it seems I have been prevented from buying a cenozoic with coins. As I still want the marsupial lion this is a little annoying and I don’t understand why. Any ideas?

Hi Badgerzzz, The current theory is all the cenozoic creatures that your custom trades generated were above the amount of coins you have. The team will look into it, and get back to me if they discover another reason why it might be grayed out.

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Thank you. This theory does not make sense though as I had max coins pretty much. I used the trade on aquatic when I could not get what I wanted. Thanks for quick reply.


I did not have coins for aquatics available today.

No issues on my end, even after spending some coins

No problems for me either, and I’ve been doing one coins for ceno every day. Got a good one today! I did have the max coins when I hit the trades, but as you said, you were close enough it shouldn’t have mattered.

Same again today @Keith

I tried this today with my Custom trades at various coin levels and got different things grayed out at different times.

@Badgerzzz if you exit out and come back in does it continue to be blocked out, also can you get up to 99,999,999 in coins and try it?

I am wondering if the trade is preset needing a certain amount of coins based on what it is trying to give you as a trade? I didn’t test going in and out with the same coin level to see if it would gray out on one instance but not another.

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I only get one trade and will try tomorrow. I could have slightly under max coins again and if greyed go back in with same amount. If still greyed go in with max using same procedure.

If it doesn’t work after doing that please post here so that @Ned and @Keith can see. And also so you can reference this thread in a ticket to support.

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Thanks for helping out, Sionsith. :slight_smile:

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Well we will never know now.

I was not on max coins as you will see.

Was offered a very nice trade on another which is still locked for me.

I think this trade is more expensive than the marsupial lion but it should not have locked me out of the trade previously. Of course if that theory is correct then it could have been something far more expensive I was locked out from. Seems weird. I am happy to take these Kelenken all day long though.


I did get a trade the other day that was 99 something million coins, I don’t remember what it was but there are offers that are way up there in coins.


Yesterday evenings trade. This time I deliberately had max coins.

I still dont believe it was anything to do with the amount of coins as I remember someone being offered a really good trade for max coins when they didn’t actually have enough coins. Whoever it was had to sell stuff to get the coins needed and then they were not able to claim the item as it bugged out.

Therefor it must offer the trades even if you don’t have enough coins unless that was part of the other bug.

I feel it is likely that it had not refilled the cards in that area.

Happy with this trade as I need plenty more.

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I have now managed to try that test.

Over 94k coins it is greyed out.

Max coins it is no longer greyed out.

So how many coins did it actually want for my trade? Well only 55k! So it still makes no sense at all to grey out ceno but leaving jurassic and aquatic open.

@Ned is this working as intended or should I report it.

the question for which we wont know is if the trade changed from where it was grayed out and you went and collected some coins and came back. I dont know what the coding is and if it looks right when you click on the coin option and if it wants to offer you a trade over your coin amount it grays out. But then when you come back with more coins and click on coins again if it does a new look or if it is still locked in to the previous offer. Might be worth reporting it, can anyone else confirm the same issue with having a fairly high amount of coins on hand and getting the grayed out option for Cenozoic creatures?

I will try to remember this tomorrow when my trades refresh to see if I can replicate something similar.


Yes, I had considered that the original offer might have changed but only the devs would know if this could/should happen. I think I will make sure I am on max coins in future just in case there is an amazing offer hiding behind there.

All three creature trades available well under max coins


So I attempted to test out some different things first had to get my coins down a bit and got to here:

Which you can see took away my option to trade coins for a Cenozoic creature. I exited out of the trade harbor about ten times to see if I could get it to give me an option to trade and it did not. I then went and collect a few coins and got to here:

Again tested exiting out and going back in to see if it would give me a trade but no luck. Went to another level of coins:

Tested the same thing about ten times going in and out and could not get it to give me a trade. I went just slightly higher and:

I got a trade right off the bat and I exited and entered a bunch of times after this to see if it would take the trade away but it would not. This is the trade I ended up getting:
So after all of that I am not sure if exiting out and coming back in gives you a different trade option, also not sure if collecting coins or some action outside of the trade harbor causes the trade to change potentially.


So after all that we are none the wiser. :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying.

If Ned replies to ask me to report I will. Otherwise I won’t bother.

I still can’t see that the devs would actually want it to behave like this as it makes no sense. However it really doesn’t matter that much. I am just going to make sure I have max coins to start off so I know that I am not going to lose out on a trade.

I am desperately collecting those Kelenkens to lev to 40 and as it is not unlocked it is a good trade for me. It is kind of funny looking so I like it.