Trade harbour travesty

Bro you don’t get what I mean. I intend to have one level 30 and 2 level 20s

Or maybe I’ll do 2 level 30. Not sure since both cooldowns are under a day

I give up :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah I wasn’t too clear :joy:

Ok so I have been receiving a lot of food to dna trades lately so I’m down to about 3 mill food, with no sign of coin to food trades for weeks :confused:

Does anyone know if CT yeilds a lot of food if I use a certain item/resource?

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Haha been there exactly a while ago @anon75685212. I did the opposite though and I have taken all while I could. I gave up on those not so long ago and started to build up an LP reserve. I am also purchasing for the weekly prize drops so it was draining my LPs by that way. So now I am just focusing on my reserves at all costs, knowing that I will get at least one VIP creature at the end of each week no matter what, thanks to the prize drops. Proceratosaurus is an exception, I 100% agree on that but for me that is also neglegible. And for the last part, I have purchased a big number of 10 solid packs after I built a large reserve around 100k I think, it was the exact time that there was the awesome discount on these packs. Also it is the most doable time with the highest LP profit you could make, which is proven by @Sionsith’s statistics. If someone has the link please let’s share it with the Lev for him to see it. :call_me_hand:I hope they will repeat it for you when you are done with having large amount of LPs. :wink:

Oh I also shared an info of my reveal when I did it as a seperate thread with all detail, you can find it somewhere in the forums. :grin:

Edit: I have found them just for you, here:


Thanks for all the good recourses. I’m only keeping VIP for another month and 3 weeks. In the past week I’ve made about 30000 VIP points. So in my last VIP week whether or not there is a discount I will buy as many as I can. Do you know where I can find the statistics of getting each Dino? I’m just hoping I don’t get too many ceno or acuatic because I only care about land. If I get acuatic I will sell and if I get ceno I will hatch but not really use too much.

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Adding on to this, that’s just pure evil chanya even for you…

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Wow thats a good trade!

I don’t think that much of a care she does while giving resource offers but sensing your most lacking resources? Maybe I dunno. I have just received a coin to food offer today which made me to climb back up to the upper 90 Mn scale. It should eventually show up don’t worry, so wait for it Reece. :wink:

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I don’t think that I did quite get this but the second link shows you my own multiple pack opening results with all details. Haven’t seen such kinds of yhreads or some other stuff elsewhere in the forums. But try once more for yourself if you want. :confused:

Oh btw, you can see how desperate I was for a single more amphian those times from the description, as I mentioned earlier. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ok. cant wait for when I do that. I could SOOOO use some more VIP dinos!!!

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Oh Lev, forgot to say but please don’t sell them the ones you are not willing to have, they all are gonna be needed later on, or at least keep them in the market to sell them in return of bucks, LPs or DNA if you want to. VIPs gets offers like around 1k bucks, 5k LPs and 10k DNA due to my experience. Numbers can vary but I am most certainly positive on the bucks side which I had once or twice while my hatchery was full. (So cryin hard to resist but successed. :expressionless:)

Btw I would choose bucks in all three definitely, if I was forced to do so.

Wait 10000 dna!!! It sells for 5k dna. Do you mean custom trades? Or normal trades. And what are the chances that they will get a 5k LP offer or dna offer. I sold a hainnosaurus for 964 bucks but I never got a dna or LP offer!

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Chanya tends to give bucks offers for the high value assets as VIPs more frequently than the others as in LP or DNA. I have seen them in the TH only, never ever tried or gonna try to sell them via custom offers unless I lose my mind tbh. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Also custom trade is a space for the “really wanted” assets, so Chanya does always give you far more expensive offers than usual, so it is not an adventageous situation when it comes to sell items, especially the VIPs if you are willing that much. Wait for the normal cycle of them to show up in the TH, soon or not, they will. :call_me_hand:

Ok. Thanks

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This is getting ridiculous now, shes done it again… where are the coin to food trades?!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Chanya be like: Looks like a fair and square trade to me. Can we do business?
Chanya’s eyes are the opposite of ours

I accidentally clicked one of those before. My finger slipped


There goes 2 weeks of hard work😂

You guys think I should do this trade??