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Trade harbour travesty

@Predator_X do you know what the stats are of a level 10 zalmonodon?

@Aether_12 I know that stats at lv.10 2313 health and 723 attack.

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Will answer all of your dino level questions and more.

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Nice, still lower than my top flyer in ferocity I think though

Thanks timmah had seen this before but forgot what thread

Omg it’s even got the cooldowns in here that’s amazing, seriously good job to whoever made this


seriously good job @Mary_Jo


Wow powerful so just at level 10 this sits just below my level 40 trope and has 3 hours less cooldown, good to know cheers guys :+1:

Yes? Have the spreadsheet bookmarked and everything. Go ahead and waste your DNA making some lvl 11s, don’t really matter to me.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like she’s not being fair :grin:


Well it looks like a fair and square deal to her! :wink:

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Huh when did I mention that I was gonna make level 11s of it? I just meant that the zalmonodon at level 10 is powerful?

Pay 3,195. Get 224. Didn’t your math teacher tell you enough?

@Nonthawath_777 and @MirrMurr this may interest you

At max coins I was offered this

Bit steep in coin but considering it’s a locked creature for me I took the trade, sell value is 2,400 so not too bad, I just havent got a single rare hybrid from coins since the update, once I’m at max coins later I will try again for jurassic this time :crossed_fingers:


Hi cousin squid :joy:

That is good to know, it’s available for coins!
I will take a short break from doing coins to aquatics however as my most recent offers were constantly lacking (psephoderma multiple times, helicoprion).
I also tried food to jurassics (at max food lvl), was hoping for a vip but would have taken SR hybrid but I didn’t even get a rare hybrid it was only dimetrodon and unaysaurus…
It will take me around a week to lvl up to max then I will try again with the custom trades, hoping for a better outcome.

I got a couple of crummy food->jurassic trades too. At max food (and max park level), it took 4 or 5 before I got a VIP.

Never really done any food to creature trades to know if its worthwhile or not, I barely get any coin to food offers from chanya so I’m a bit more careful with food than I am with coins.

Even the dna ones have been bad for me 1,800 for a velociraptor, 3000 something for a legendary.

I used to get vip dinos for dna now nothing worthwhile.

I’m hoping for a psephoderma unlock soon I dont have a single copy of him and hes definitely got the best looking hybrid out the 3 SR hybrid aquatics imo.

On the plus maxed this beauty today thanks to the unlock event. :slight_smile:


Imagine a hybrid of the helicoprion and darwinopterus would be the helicopterus :helicopter: :joy:


Would fuse straight away if they brought that out! :joy: