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Trade harbour travesty


Chanya, love, i’m seriously worried about you. You need a vacation girl. A nice relaxing vacation.


Shes beyond the point of saving. I believe ol’ Hammond should trade her in for her younger sister ‘Chinaya’. Heard the gals fairly reasonable…


Here’s an other awesome deal. Lots of VIPs for something that is going to disappear very soon. I don’t know the stuff Chanya consumes but it must be great.


Her offers for loyalty points seem to be the most consistently terrible. Compared to the amount of time it takes for me to collect each of these it’s not remotely a fair trade. As such I have only once or twice taken a LP trade and only when she’s offered a dino card that I particularly wanted at that time. I did take one for an aquatic reef as much trouble as I’ve had in getting those even though I still felt she was wanting way too many points for it. Supply and demand rules in effect I guess!

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I didn’t grab a screenshot, but I had an offer to give Ms. Diogo 11,000 loyalty points for a Proceratosaurus. You had to be a VIP to make the trade, so it wasn’t an option for me. If I were, it would have been a good (and worthwhile) opportunity to trade for this ultra-unique dinosaur.


It’s the only way I was able to capture the creature, this is back from March:

I have done the trade twice.


I guess this is another pro to being VIP!


I didn’t realize those trades were only for VIP members, so yes that’s another plus. I also agree with @HanSoloWannaBe in that the VIP membership is not a requirement to enjoy the game. My post up above was meant to layout the benefits of spending money on the VIP membership before any other aspect of the game as I feel the rewards you get from the membership fee far exceed that of any other in game purchase, by a long shot.


I did trade 11k DB for a proceretosaurus maybe a month back. For me, DB yes, VIP points, no. Same trade has showed up couple times, but I passed. Not atrocious given this dino isn’t one you can get from Walmart or Target.

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I was curious to see the stats on him being so rare, but should have guessed, you can tell just HOW rare it is from the almost total lack of stats on his wiki page!

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Here are his stats:

Glass cannon stats.


But what a cannon!


Wow, yeah that is definitely the epitome of a glass cannon! A very birdy looking dino too.

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I know what you mean. I get alot trades like that, blah.


Lucky guy a level 20 not bad


Do all the bad trade they are good even though I said it’s bad