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Trade harbour you

Should I trade so tempting and I want to buy a solid gold pack

Do it. I did


They really want us to dump these boosters lol

But I only have one

As I see it there are two possibilities coming and you need to ask your self how will you react when they reopen the raptor paddock…
Option one: the current boosters are worth nothing and they sweep them after giving lots of special options to trade them in.
Option two: the boosters are still useful and you can earn them again.

I am leaning towards option one being what happens but if it is option two, then I will start to stock pile them again. But if it’s option one and I didn’t trade as many in as possible I would feel terrible and I would only have myself to blame.


This is a good way to look at it.

I have a bunch of then and I didn’t go for any of the trades. Tbh, I only ever used boosters on those events that give you 4 or 5 cards packs as a reward. I only started using them about 2 months ago and I’ve been playing this game for years.

Might trade for some sarco DNA as it seems to be more scarce.

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Information for folks that are trading in your boosters and I highly recommend you do. Today are the defensive boosters, and since I have a ton of those I was able to clear all of the trades, when I exited the game and came back in a fresh set of boosters was available, less than the first in regards to the number of options but they were there I think I had three or four additional options. I cleared those, exited and then came back into the game, I was offered a new set of options. Eventually it got down to where I would get two options each time and as long as I cleared both I got two new options on reentry. I eventually got down to where I could only clear one of them, and when exited and then came back in that one would refresh. Eventually it got down to where I couldn’t do both trades and then it stopped. I think tomorrow I will attempt the same thing except I will use up any booster that falls below five in the PvP battle before exiting and re entering. As I got stuck on two trades for a booster that I only have 3 of where the trades are for 5 or 10 of that booster while I still have other boosters that have 10 and 15 of them left. The hope is that once you have zero of a booster it will not offer you any trades for that type and will only offer you trades for those that you do have left.

I think I collected somewhere in the neighborhood of 900-1,000 of various SDNA and about 18,000 VIP points for the boosters today.


Not sure why the above post was hidden but it is now there. @Tommi I hope you get some crazy stuff for your stash.


@sionsith thanks for the heads up… up until this point I was just waiting to do trades later in the day to complete the daily missions… I didn’t realize the booster trades replenished… I was able to get a bunch of SDNA and VIP points… then went back in and got some more!

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Like you I was able to clear every offer in the trade harbor several times. Stopped counting how many SDNA I got, maybe 800 and at least 12000 VIP points.
Now I still have 207 8-block cards. I hope that they will continue their offers until all my cards are sold, but that would mean that they continue to toggle through the booster categories several more times.


It definitely sounds like they are trying to encourage players to get rid of their boosters, without actually coming out and telling us that they are going to be discontinued.

@Sionsith - I often have posts hidden for really no apparent reason as well. They definitely have very strict content filters for this forum that seem to get triggered very easily. At least the moderators seem to be pretty active and they usually show up fairly quickly.

@sionsith - I wouldn’t count on the trades changing when you are out of a particular booster. I’ve continued to get a whole bunch of these trades every day even though I don’t have ANY boosters to trade.

Yesterday I had an offer to trade 6 8-block cards for 2000 VIP points. If they continue to give me that offer on an regular basis there are more than 60000 points waiting for me because I still have more than 200 of them.
I am afraid that this is not going to happen.

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Wow, that would be nice! Did you get the 50K pack yet?

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Do you mean the pack for Tusoteuthis? Yes.
It took a while, normally I do not save too many VIP points. Every time a have 20k of them I buy a 10k pack, keeping 10k in reserve if there is an attractive 20k to appear. That gives me the opportunity to get the 20k pack before it expires.
50k packs are normally not my kind of bread, I think they are too expensive. I only go after them if there’s a dino that I do not possess or sometimes, very rarely, if it is a dino that is not available in the standard 10k pack and that I do not have a level 40 of.
Pterodaustro and Wuerhosaurus would be such candidates.

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Yeah I meant the current one. It does look really cool. It will be awhile before I can be patient enough to save up that much, but then I haven’t even gotten all the ones in the 10K yet, let alone enough to level any of them up (I seem to keep getting Tylos, up to four of those!) so I don’t wait much past when I get to 10K to buy another pack. At least I did figure out that the VIPs have a really short incubation time. I can’t believe I had been holding off on hatching them out because I thought they took as long as the regular tourny ones! :slight_smile:

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Very sad that you didn’t find this JW-Wiki a little bit earlier. 7 hours hatching is really fast for such mighty beasts.

If you mean the Fandom wiki, actually I knew about it even before this site. Problem is that hatch times on it are VERY inconsistent and often confusing. Sometimes the first number is hours, sometimes days. So I assumed that the 6:00:00 that I saw for some of these was days, not hours, since that’s what most of the legendaries had on them. I’ve started to try and correct some of these including the hint for what the numbers mean so there’s no confusion for other players.


Took my 2600 VIP points earned from this weekends tourney and put it toward a trade for a Nundagosaurus…Hybrid Amphibian for 5,060 VIP. Pretty good since I’ll make those back quickly, I don’t have but a couple hybrids yet, I’ve only got a lvl 30 and lvl 20 Nundasuchus and it’s not yet unlocked since I’m only level 46 (unlocks at 65). So, that was pretty exciting in spite of not making Dominator!!

Hhm, seems a bit pricey for something that costs 4600 DNA in the market (less on a discount), given what the usual exchange rate on DNA to LPs is, I hope you do know that it doesn’t unlock it, just gives you the equivalent of one purchase, but then I’ve paid alot for some dinos at the Trade Harbour myself when it was something I really wanted at the time and was having trouble acquiring otherwise.

You may want to look at the Diplotator if you haven’t made one of those yet, that’s a fairly easy one to shoot for as it uses one common and one rare and has similar stats to the Nundago, also an amphi, but the rare it uses (Irritator) unlocks MUCH earlier. I don’t have a Nundago yet either but already have a Diplo up to level 20 as well as level 40s of both of the original dinos used for it. I personally just really hoard my LPs because of how good the dinosaurs in the 10K packs are, even though the Trader is always trying to tempt me to use them (have definitely seen similarly trade offers for various hybrids). Those packs definitely are the best thing you can get in the game, given how good the stats on even just a level 10 VIP is and how fast you can hatch them. If you haven’t used your points to purchase one yet, definitely take a look into them for the future.