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Trade harbour you


Yup, aware it doesn’t unlock it…but was available since I’m a ways away from the level needed to get a Nundasuchus unlocked, I’m stuck at level 30 on the one I have, and I don’t have to spend the DNA to evolve into the hybrid. When I reach that point I’ll also have two, and by then will have more than recouped the loyalty points. Like I said, was a great offer in harbor that I would not get any other way than chance and it got me to a third hybrid! Small price to pay with respect to all the circumstances involved.


If you’re happy with your acquisition, that’s really all that matters. Just pointing out a few things to consider about these trades, such as the equivalent DNA cost (you can find this information on the Fandom wiki for anything you don’t have unlocked) as well as the relative usefulness of the hybrids vs. other things you can get with the same LPs. I made a very similar trade and realized right away it really wasn’t something that helped me in the game at that time. But ultimately it’s all about what you most value for yourself.


Indeed…super excited to get him hatched. Will get me a little more power behind my amphibian force the next time they take the main stage. I’ve already in two days made up the LP I spent, so now on to even bigger & better creatures!

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Hmmm, should I trade 9000 Loyalty Points points for a Lepostega? They run 24360 DNA when not on a discount… I am not a VIP so it takes me awhile to get that many points… Not sure if I should pull the trigger!


How bad do you want to get it? Do you have it unlocked yet? That definitely is a fairly reasonable trade in terms of the points vs. DNA, but looking up the stats on it over on the Wiki, they aren’t that great for something that expensive. If you compare the level 10 stats on it to say, Henodus which is the VIP reef in the 10K pack, there’s just no comparison. So depends on whether you are more interested in it to beef up your aquatics, or just to have a complete collection. If it’s the former, I would probably pass.


Thanks @Mary_Jo… I wound up passing on it as I already have it unlocked and have one at lvl 20… It really does cost a lot f DNA vs others that have better attack. Had is been say 4500 loyalty points I probably would have done it…

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Yeah, the aquatics in general are very high priced. Sounds like a good decision particularly since VIP points are even harder to come by for you.


@Mary_Jo do you think VIP is worth it? I have been toying with joining but not sure if it’s worth it… have you found it to be worth it so far? I know this will get me loyalty points much faster…


If you have the money to spare on the game it is worth it IMHO.


Thanks @Sionsith… I think i might do it. As much as I play this game it will prob be worth it. I’ve gotten to lvl 75+ just by grinding but now I want to start leveling up my dinos faster and I can never seem to get enough DNA!

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If you think about the 2 extra VIP events each week which have the reward of a Golden Pack, the double VIP points, the better Mystery pack every 6 hours, and the DNA tower (which will take about a year to level up all the way). It is way more worth it than spending money anywhere else in the game. So if you have the money to spend and want to spend it on the game, the VIP membership is the way to go.


I’d agree with Sionsith… it’s the best way to spend money in the game, and the more you play the game a lot, the more value you get out of it. I signed up for it pretty quickly and those 10K pack VIP dinos have been my bread-and-butter, there’s no way I’d have sneaked my way into Dominator a few times after only playing for 2 months without all the ones I’ve been able to get. I hit the PvP matches every day especially since it’s a great way to collect even more points. I signed up for the membership almost immediately, and then cancelled the renewal when I wasn’t sure I was going to keep playing and when the month was up, they offered me a special deal on a yearly membership with a reduced monthly cost and a pack of 4 velociraptors to go with it. By that point, I was sold, so jumped on the offer.

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I agree with Sionsith. If you like the game and if you are willing to spent money a VIP membership gives you the best benefit.

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I am not a VIP and have felt no compulsion to become one (either in JW:TG, or IRL!). I already have way more dinosaurs and events than my hatchery and my time (respectively) can handle. You can look up elsewhere my reasons.

By no means do I fault anyone who pays for VIP. I just offer one voice that says I haven’t gotten VIP and have zero regrets about that choice.

To each his own. As @Mary_Jo indicated, what’s the money worth to you? For my part, and given my salary, I have better things to spend that $10/month (or whatever it is) on. If you don’t, spend it on VIP. There are certainly way worse ways to spend money!

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Yeah, it’s definitely by no means a necessity. I do use the free DNA button regularly too (particularly when it gives me the 50 vs. 10) and there are certainly things like DBs that it isn’t much help with (other than the sizeable amounts you can sometimes get in the packs) and I think there is definitely a point you get to in the game where it stops being as much a help as it is for newer players like me. I definitely haven’t gotten to that point yet, and am a fairly impatient person in general so less of a grind is worth some cost for me, and I guess as a software developer myself, I just personally don’t mind rewarding the authors of something I enjoy and play every day. But I certainly have watched more than enough ads in PvPs to do that as well.

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Thanks to all for your input… Decisions, decisions… To date I am like you @HanSoloWannaBe I have been playing for awhile now and was only VIP for like a week with a free trial… That got me hooked on the game, but since the trial ended I have not signed up for VIP since… but I am seriously toying with the idea because I do like the game so much… and like @HanSoloWannaBe stated… there are way worse things to spend your money on!

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I would suggest holding off until we see how these latest modifications pan out. Personally I am really regretting getting a year’s sub to the VIP because I really, really don’t like what I see. The VIP might though be the one upside since playing to get these common packs in PvP and earning double points for them to get 10K packs may be the only upside.