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Trade idea

Not entirely sure how this could work, so i may be suggesting something impossible here, but it would be cool if we could trade stuff between players. Suppose you have a spare Yutyrannus, and i don’t have any and would really want one (i do really hope i somehow get a Yutyrannus someday. Love the feathered tyrannt) and i have a spare Secodontosaurus, or loads of DNA/VIP points that i don’t need, and we could do a trade.
If doable, this could be a nice addition to a game IMO.


It’s doable as I have seen it on other games and it would be a very cool new addition to the game. Not sure how it would work since there are hackers in the game with unlimited resources and they would be able to break the market with trades. I would love to be able to offer trades to folks and seek better rates than the trade harbor.


Another suggestion i have is to be able to specify what creature you want to get. Like if i’m trading VIP points for a hybrid, i’d like it to be a Tapejalosaurus and not Carnoraptor. Or maybe i’m trading coins for bucks, i’d like exactly 200 bucks.
They can make these “specific” trades more expencive, or give them a longer cooldown, but they would still be a pretty good thing to add.

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It could be done like a DNA marketplace. I’ve seen other games allow player to sell supplies through an in-game marketplace for coins, and also allow them to buy supplies with coins. There is a restriction on how much can be offered and the player gets to set the price and how many they want to sell. The items are only in the market for a specific amount of time before they need to be relisted it they aren’t purchased. I think that it could easily be done with this game. Instead of supplies, it could be DNA and either open or restricted to just other alliance members.