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Trade improvement idea


So, since I’ve been away from Jurassic World alive the game for almost a year. I couldn’t help but notice that the trade has an issue that severely bugs me

The trades you can do after 24 hours limit you in what you can trade. So, a common problem I have is I always have capped gold, so of course, I would turn in gold for bucks, but instead, the trade instantly decides that i can only give away 1 million gold for 100 bucks.
So an idea that I think would help to improve it, is an option to decide how much you want to trade away. So if i wanted to trade 10 million gold, it would equal 1000 bucks. The reason for this idea is because there is an layout for boosters exactly like this, but you’re always stuck at being able to offer 1.

Now I know I sound like I’m complaining or nagging, but this is one of those ideas that it is clear can be done in the game, but yet isn’t enable for people to use.


As a way “around” this cap on gold for items, I generally trade gold for Cenozoic creatures which generally trade for 20 mil-60mil a trade depending on what the trade gives you. At least that has been my experience. I then trade those the next day for either VIP, bucks, or DNA. Depending on what I am farming. I will also get offers sometimes for those creatures in the standard market and then I do not need to use my custom trades.


I always buy a bunch of apotosaurus fossils and then store them. Then I can trade them as decorations for cash. Each of these fossiles usually fetches for 200-300 cash per trade


Another trade idea, but different from what you’re talking about.
I hate that the 24 hour clock on custom trades starts after the last trade is completed. If I’m playing late at night and make 3 trades, I can’t trade again until the same time tomorrow night. Joe about having a fixed 24 hour window just like with the prize drop?
This would go the same for the dna production building. 12hrs is ok, but if I get it in the afternoon, I’m not getting it again in the early morning (because I’m probably asleep between 1 and 5 am). This should be automatically credited to our dna balance every 12 hours instead of making the players do it manually.
These two things would improve the game for me!


I think one way Ludia could solve that issue is by doing what they did with the Raptor Pack. Give an option to speed up the recovery after an hour or 2 hours for free. That way, yeah, you’ll still need to focus on the 24 hour clock. But at least you’d be able to gradually use it at a more mangable time.


Had to pass on this trade. I wonder why?