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Trade issue


Today I opened my daily missions, and one of the activities required was to complete a single trade. I used my one daily free trade to complete the task. Despite the trade going through, it hasn’t registered, and I’m still being asked to accomplish one trade. Is this standard error, (no mention is made that it can’t be a ‘free trade’), or can I request that it be rectified ?


… and has anyone, ever received a reply from the in - game ‘help & support’ (contact us - an agent will reply … soon as possible … blah) ?


Hey there, @Gripefruit, I’m not entirely sure if free trades count towards this daily mission, but our support team would gladly take a closer look at this on your behalf - and yes, they will respond as soon as they are able! If you haven’t done so already, reach out to them at, including your support key so that they can find you more quickly in their system and shed some light on this situation.

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@Gripefruit I have never seen the custom trades count towards trading for the daily missions. Also the speeding up of trade refreshes does not count towards the daily mission of doing 1-3 speed ups. I am not sure if either of these are seen as a glitch or just an intended function within the game. Just always figured it was intended so never brought it up to anyone.


I really wish the custom trades counted…


I’ve contacted them several times and yes, it can take a while, but they always answer.


Hello John, and thanks for the reply.
I’ve done as suggested and mailed, both in - game and via private email.
Will report back on what transpires.

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Thanks one and all.
Being a rank newbie (level 51), I’m reading any and every post possible.
Thanks again.