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Trade refund timer

I am going to complain about the trader. It would be nice if you could have a 30 second refund timer to reverse the trade you just made. I just lost a loyalty creature for 6,000,000 useless coins and I can’t get it back :frowning: if there was a refund timer that would make the game so much better!


I would like that or at least a confirmation pop up. Do you know how many times my kid has accidentally purchased a VIP pack or spent DB on a cool down because he thought it had the lightning bolt so he can speed it up by watching an ad??? Very frustrating.

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Just got burned because my phone had a delay when I clicked on Search for Rajasaurus, so when I clicked Search for a second time, it registered as buying a level 10 Rajasaurus for 3,250 DB :persevere:

I did need him (need one more actually), but I wasn’t going to spend that amount of DB for a super rare.

Please add a confirmation button pop up on purchases like that :pray:


I have lost 50K LPs on two separate occasions because of how the VIP packs pops up after you complete certain functions and I misclicked and I see the animation of the pack come up.

I spent enough LPs afterwards to be below 50K LPs. I lost 8K LPs on a pack too, I think it was the “Mr. DNA” decoration.

Hope you’re not too bummed out. This was suppose to cheer you up, but as I type this out, I got depressed that it happened this many times to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sometimes, when Trade Harbor lady wants my Megaachelon, I have to tip toe around her. I don’t want to trade 60K+ DNA for 10M coins


What always gets me is the 2nd spin on daily events. I have force my self not to click it as all pvp battles that do gave one.

But in trade harbor, there is a pic of what your getting, if it’s coins, why click it? I only click as getting rid of mods and common to rare Dino’s are good trade for me.

In that regard I’ve found myself tired at night and almost clicked on trades that I happened to be looking at. I wake up to find my finger near, but luckily not on, the trade button.

Thanks, it’s nice to know it’s not just me. I remember getting upset with my fast fingered son for costing me a couple of hundred DB and I just wasted over 3K :roll_eyes:

Edit: It just really goes to show how much a confirmation pop up is needed. If course this is actually good for Ludia, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

Yeah please be careful with the trader guys, there are so many bad deals it hurts my brain to think who would make a trader system with so many rip off deals😒This is why I think there should be a refund of confirmation button.