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Trade refunds?

Hey all. Does Ludia ever respond to trade mistakes? I was clicking just a little too fast, and I accidentally spent $6000 Dino bucks on an Arctodus. I wish I could undo it. This has never happen before to me fortunately, so I never had to ask.

Not likely, but I do remember someone on here getting it reversed. I can’t recall if it really got reversed or if then just compensatedhim a little. I would contact them and see. The worst thing that could happen is they say no. Good luck.

Well, I posted this, then the moderator hid it. I can’t edit it, so I’m reposting with the friendly abbreviation I originally had at the end all spelled out.

Original response:
No, one time I dropped my phone and in the process traded 9,000 dino bucks for a Smiledon. Every time I opened the game for a month I did so angrily. I asked support and they told me I was [so out of luck].