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Trade Resources Fish for Gold

Just a thought here,

Maybe there should be an option to trade fish for gold (or gold for fish) or XP

So right now I have an overload of Gold. (See picture below) this is because when the early release to Canadians/Australians came out I never spent a lot of my gold, only when needed and I earned gold really fast.

But some of my friends have an overload of Fish

Previously in the Early Release, if our fish and gold was full, we just wouldn’t get which ever was full. So if your fish is full, you just got no fish.

Now you sitll get it, but the recource that is full gets wasted.

I think if one is full we should have the option to Trade the extra recource that we win for the one we’re low on.

ex if we’re low on gold we can trade the extra fish we win for gold, right when we win it.


P.S I know a lot of you are saying you have an overload of fish, and not enough gold so if there was a feature to trade fish for gold I think it’d be extremely beneficial !!

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i think they give you that much gold for ranking up dragons. i totally agree but as soon as you get to the point of ranking just one dragon up, its 40k gold straight up. i just feel like there should be a buff in the rewards for the 4 or 6 hour pop up quests. so i actually makes a difference, i can only do the first three quests in it, and the first one only gives you 1000 fish. were im at to level up one of party dragons it costs me 4 dragons and 6-7k fish, per level…

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Yeah I leveled up a dragon today and it cost about that but I’m earning it back so fast! It’s taking me forever to get more fish, (my fish has gone to 70k since posting that photo)

I’d upgraded so many things before the full release, so everything was lower cost for me meaning now, I’m saving up (and losing) all this gold because I don’t have enough fish to feed my dragons to the level up point, and I have nothing left to upgrade while in between game levels.

Where as other people have all this fish they keep iver filling with and need more gold.

It’s just all kind of an uneven thing it seems.

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I feel like we should be allowed to trade with our clan mates