Trade Suggestion!

It’s pretty annoying click 6-7 times the “donate” button and get the money for every single donation, so this is my suggestion:

At level X you can donate maximum Y DNA (in 6-7 steps, I don’t remember exactly), so maybe Ludia can implement a bar to decide how much DNA you would like to donate, from 1 to Y (max amount of DNA you can donate) and get coins for the total DNA donated, all in a single step.

What do you think about it?


Sounds ok, but what if you were to donate 3 times, but get the 5 times amount of coins? The game can’t predict how many donations you will do… but cool concept!

Example: if you get 60 coins for every 50 Tarbosaurus donated, the conversion is 60/50=1.2 Coins for 1 Tarbo DNA.

If I want donate 150 Tarbo dna, then I will get 150x1.2=180 Coins.

Then why do the math and get a decimal amount of coins? The reason ludia doesnt implement, " use all/total amount buttons" is because that people would complain on the forums they lost too much dna

Approximation. from x.0 to x.5 is x.0 and from x.51 to x.99 is 1.0.

And you can donate only one time, so if you want donate 7 times you can do it all in one and not 7 times separately.

“I want donate all my tarbo dna to someone else” -> At lvl X I can donate maximum Y DNA -> Click “donate”, select maximum amount I can donate then I’ll get coins. From 7 clicks to 1.

The answer is obvious, the slide bar would be number of times to donate. So if I could donate 5 times it offers me a slide bar of 1-5, doesnt actuakly change how anything is done or calculated

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Exactly, but my idea is more simple. You can donate the amount you want from 1 to maximum for your level (or other player’s level, I don’t know how really works) in a single step.