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Trader Johann's speed sales need overhauled

As the title suggests, I feel the need to say that Trader Johann’s “special offers” are often not special at all. Thanks to data done by some of the players, we know that 75% of the time it is a fish/wood offer and the other 25% of the time it’s a card pack. People who are sensible are smart enough to realize how much of a waste of runes it is to buy resources.

My personal opinion would be to remove resource offers entirely except maybe the Odin coin offers and replace them with items that are bunched together in fives that you can buy all at once and are actually a good discount.

Moving on to packs, they are almost always overpriced for what they are. For example, gold packs usually cost 4.5k to 5k, just about the same as a premium pack if not more. Classic packs typically cost more than rares despite having a lower chance of obtaining a premium. Special packs are a reasonable price at least but unfortunately are the rarest appearing offer around (1% chance of appearing). These prices need lowered/adjusted/balanced badly.

Hopefully Ludia can figure out a way to make Johann’s special sales more exciting instead of always being another overpriced offer especially since you only get a special offer every 2 days.

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