Trades for tournament dinos

Hey, my son and I play and our current goals are more toward collecting all the dinos and unlocking the badges as opposed to having the strongest lineup. So with that said, what trades at the harbor are best for getting tournament dinos and are there some that are impossible to get via trading? (Don’t need VIPs as we have most of them now)

Thanks for the advice!


Most of the tournament Dino’s won’t show up in custom trades.

The gold lottery wheel is your best bet for tournament Dino’s. You need to spend DB on tickets if you aren’t VIP.

Also, boss battle top wheel spin had a small chance.


If u r lucky u can snag a few from random trades every now and then typically for lps. There r a few packs for dbs that have ok odds for tournament dinos such as the 2018 pack, experiment pack gives u like 10 percent at 2


I would say that from a collector’s standpoint, the best bet to obtaining all dinos is to win the tournaments and unlock them and thru CoT.

There are too many tourney dinos, and not all are as easily obtainable as harbor trades or prize drop or the gold prize wheel. Plus with many of the badges needing copies at L40 unlocking them is the safest and quickest way to achieve that.