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Trading and friend function

So they really need to add trading and friend list cuz my friends play this game i am lvl 98 and they are just starting out to give them a boost this where the trading function comes to play basically you have access to trading either reaching lvl 50 or vip thats bassically all i want thx for reading

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A friend feature won’t be added because there is no actual player on player interaction in this game. Plus with this game being 6 years old, Ludia would’ve added a feature like this a long time ago if it were possible.

As for trading, no. That opens up a nasty can of worms where accounts can be stolen, and all dinos traded to a different account. Not to mention Ludia would sacrifice card pack purchases if this feature gets added.


in pvp or tournaments your not really fighting real people. They are all bots. except for jurassic world alive your fighting real people. Plus you have an alliance so you could friend them

there is no player interaction at all you can distinguish it by seeing bots actions like they always go for 6 attacks or 3 or 4 and they take much less reserves than actual players