Trading / betting


Okay, adding and battling friends was a huge step in the right direction and I’m so happy it’s finally happened. Now I think a good next step would be the ability to trade or gift dna between friends. If you have a bunch of dna you don’t need, you should be able to send it to people on your friends list. This would encourage a stronger community within the player base, and be a nice way to be able to interact within the game that isn’t just battling.
On the subject of battling too though, it would be cool if you could bet dna against a friends team and have it so whoever beats the other person wins the pot.


I’d love to see an exchange. Assign values to common, rare, and epic and have a “store” where you can trade it in. Like 5000 Suchomimus = 50 T-Rex or something… you get the idea.


I agree! I was just about to write a similiar idea myself.

This is really something we need… but what about that we need some sort of a “DNA-box” first which we can get by spinning a supply drop? Like a 20-30% chance to get one. When you have one you can put whatever DNA you want in it and send away. And when the friend opens it, he or she should be able to send a “thank you-gift” to you. Either some darts, coins or cash. It’s up to the friends to decide how much and what he/she wants to give you, but there should be a minimum amount I think…

However… There should also be a daily limit of how much DNA you can send each day to a friend. Otherwise it would be too easy helping a friend.


Just have to be careful about people who would exploit this. “Oh look a rare Dino let’s make a bunch of random accounts and trade it to my main account”