Trading Dinos & Sharing DNA

I feel that a major upgrade would be to allow for team members to

  1. Trade entire dinos
  2. Trade DNA for ALL dinos
  3. Permanent Boost adjustments

As I have many dinos that I do not use and don’t care to use… We should have the option to trade them and/or share their DNA with team mates. This would expand upon the diversity of the combat dinos seen.

Similarly I have many Epic and Legendary dinos which I do not use. However my team is clearly trying to build them. I suggest we be allowed to share this DNA as we would any dino.

Lastly I suggest we be allowed to shuffle Boosts 1 time per month. This will allow us to experiment and experience combat with all of our dinos. Not just the boosted ones. This will also expand upon the combat dinos seen.

As I imagine we all see the same 15 dinos over and over… All in a race to have the biggest boost count.

This has been one of the longest questions since the game was born, but if Ludia hasn’t done anything until now, I don’t think they will do it anytime in the future.

The problem with dna trading is a big one, unless it’s a set amount you can trade for like 1000 common DNA for 5 epic, it would be broken. People with friends at higher levels could just trade 1 common DNA for 1000s of epic dna and ruin lower arenas.