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Trading Maxed Out Gear for XP or other Gear

More important than how cool it feels to get a new piece of gear is the fact that upgrading gear is the only realistic way to level up as the game progresses. When you receive equipment that you have already maxed out not only is it deeply disappointing, it is disingenuous (fraudulent?) on the part of Ludia because you have earned a reward with absolutely no value (not just something you don’t prefer) and you have an artificial cap being placed on the level of your heroes. Perhaps they think that Selling to Durnan (gold only) or Guild Donations take care of this problem but if that is their solution they need to drastically improve players abilities to sell/donate excess gear and include Epic equipment as tradeable.

Best solution - Enable players to trade equipment above maximum for XP.
Second best solution - Enable players to trade up all the way to Legendary equipment so that accumulating excess equipment still has value in game play and towards XP for leveling up heroes
Third, barely acceptable solution - Excess gear can be traded for gems

The problem is donating gear gives gold and xp. One can just easily trade the same item back and forth and get… well infinite xp and gold, especially if the trading cap is removed.

Maybe the use of the word “trade” in my solution was confusing so feel free to use “sell” instead. The idea being you return excess equipment (to Durnan if you want flavor) in exchange for XP. When you level up equipment you earn XP so I’m just looking for a solution to get XP from equipment when you can no longer level it up.

Does anyone have a guess when/if level caps are increasing on character levels and gear levels? Is this some that is getting looked at for early 2020 or not at all?

Another solution add in the code that once a gear is maxed you remove it from the drawing pool if I can say so

I actually think they added code to check for maxed gear and drop it at a higher rate. I wrote support, asking if they programmed rng to look for maxed gear. When they wrote back days later they completely ignored the question. My last epic pack dropped the only epic I had maxed first, then dropped another item second. The two 3,000 gem chests before that both dropped a maxed epic first then something else. I only had 5-6 epic items maxed out of the 50 something possible. So you tell me worst rng ever, or just now reaching the point that extra little code manipulation being seen…

They seem to be getting better at the creative aspect of designing challenges with pretty backgrounds and interesting monsters but I don’t think they have enough coding sophistication to handle issues like this and frankly I don’t think it impacts enough people for them to care. I’d be shocked if they took the time, or even were able to program packs to favor maxed gear as you suggest. I’ve put in some support requests and they try to answer nicely but the feeling I get is they are pretty helpless to do anything.

They will probably only fix the problem once they realize that the people it impacts the most are players who spent disproportionately MORE money than the other players and they no longer spend at high rates because what is the point of buying packs that contain gear you have maxed out?

There was someone who ran across a locked door that needed a level 21 character to open it shortly after the update, but I think that was confirmed as a bug.

Given that level 20 is the max DnD level unless you go into epic play, and that they scaled leveling with the last update, I expect they’ll just scale leveling in the future to reset people to a lower level.

I ran into the Lvl 21 Nayeli room and it has since been changed to Lvl 19 Nayeli so I also suspect Level 20 will be the max at least for awhile.