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Trading with each other

Can you add trading in the game because my friend wants dilophosauras and i want t rex. For indom and i dont know what he wants him for.

Way too easy to exploit and abuse.

How will it abuse

Your just trading

You just tell your friend how much dna they have and can givw you and your done and you do the same

Too open to abuse using alt accounts. A lot of players have alt accounts for perfectly innocent reasons, but this would open floodgates. Obviously I explained too literally at the beginning.

What are you talking about

That has nothing to do with trading

Alt accounts. Have an alt get valuable dinos, and then use your main to trade away some useless DNA for valuable DNA.

@Hunts8Geo Yes it does. It would allow cheaters to collect even more dna. The only way it would work is if there are significant restrictions on factors like the daily trading limit and rarity of dna. The limit would look something like this: 250 common, 100 rare, 25 epic. Or maybe even skip the epic altogether.

Oh ok i understand

So i just have to make a alt acount but how do i do that

Or be in an alliance with 3 L20 sanctuaries.

Ok thank you

Alt accounts are not really a viable option. It’s much more profitable to be in a good alliance. You can organize trading through ingame chat or other chat client.

Since a majority of players have an over abundance of dna they’ll likely never need or use, and since funding is a constant issue to evolve creatures, I’d like to see a market place where you can sell back certain creature dna for either a determined amount of coins or sanctuary resources.
I can see where people would say that it opens the door for exploits or the use of alt accounts, but since Ludia already said that it’s not opposed to alt accounts, why not? I mean, the game is more about spending money now and using alt accounts and joining forces with however many alliances or sharing sanctuaries with those countless alliances, why wouldn’t Ludia want this?? Still the majority of dna gathered is from darting; and most of it is common useless dna, why not be rewarded for darting and having a surplus of dna. You put in the work, why not be paid?