Can you add trading some how into jurassic world alive


@Foxy_Gameing, what would you suggest?


For players
200 triceratops Dna–> 1500 coins
200 triceratops Dna–> 50 Kentrosaurus Dna
any player can place his offer in the market like MMOs

or exchanging Dna for coins
coins for Dna with bots


Or you could trade so much currency, Dino DNA, coins, bucks, with friends for their currency, DNA, etc. and also implement friend incubators that you can send to your friends and they can send one back. Maybe also an auction system where periodically you can bid on DNA of certain dinosaurs with coins and bucks. And only the winning bid pays anything


because there are hacks that allow players to get more dna/coins/cash, I don’t think this is a good idea. Though I think they need to add SOMETHING for friends to do together in this game besides fake battle for nothing.


Yeah, I agree with you on that, I was kinda just brainstorming and not thinking about the hacks.


I do think there has to be SOMETHING more to do with friends in this game. I mean at least give like 50 coins up to 100 per day for battling friends or something. Even better create strike events where you and friends have to do it together for bigger prizes. Idk, right now the friends thing in the game seems very pointless


It is very pointless, especially because friendly battles set everyone’s level to 26. The thing that Ludia should bring away from this thread is that they need to do something about friends and making it worth having more friends.