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Trag or para

which should i choose i have it level 15 and 4286 extra

  • trag
  • moloch

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my sty is 12 and 492
armargoceph 12 and 179
amarg 7 and 1193
eupo 9 and 6231

Para is pretty good for raids, and it helps make tuoramoloch while still being good in arena

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Depends on your team needs and what dinos do you face in your current arena. Does Tragod or Para serve you better in countering what you face? If you don’t already have it, download the JWA field guide app and use the compare feature to see how both stack up to suit your team needs.
Right now if you’re facing lots of cunning and resiliants, Tragod might be the way to go with the 2 slowing attacks.

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Accidentally voted as I fell asleep and my finger tapped it lol I can’t unvote. Not sure how the update affected these 2 but paramoloch was super annoying with the constant stuns before.

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Paramoloch is better in both the arena and in raids. Also paramoloch’s hybrid tuoramoloch is the best raid creature in the game.

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OK I think Moloch is better for me especially when it’s good with raid trago maybe only pyri