Trago needs to go

I can’t stand trago, I’ve gone down 400 cups because of it, whatever I do it always wins, try and hit it with a big move, nope here comes invincibility, use a move buff, nope it’s going to superiority and stun me 100%… I’m 2 up thinking I’ve got the win, nope here comes the swap to trago ugghhh I hate it that much I’m not going to create it myself

Ur strategy isnt good then. No dino needs to go, simply find a better dino to counter it and just not sure why u wouldnt want to make it if ur losing to it. Trago is a snack for me everytime. Several dinos are can take it down with ease. Dinos such as allo, allosino, utahsino does extreme damage to it if ic works, tyro, post or any dino that have shield breaking capabilities. U have an option to use i rex and ur swap in and swap out when it uses the invincibility


Other dinos that can get it done against it too among legendaries are Stegod and Ankyntro.

Everytime I swap in to gorgosuchus I get stunned and killed or they swap out for another and save trago, it’s hard to explain the scenario’s I’ve been in but everytime what I try never works

Only time I see allo is when they are like level 21+ mines only 15

Ur not using gorg correctly . Gorg used be brought in to finish a dino slower than it is to get furious strike. Then say if trago gets sent in, u have a turn to use dsr before getting stuned. Its first move can be rampage, or Ss. U can literally one shot it

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Should be* sorry for the typing. My screen is cracked

I know how to use gorgo but I don’t have anything else decent to break shields

Screenshot ur team

Ankylo, stego, mono, or irex can take it down with ease. Ur team is good

Not had much problem with Trago. It shouldn’t be that hard to take down.

Team needs more Trago bro

Has been for me, everything I do never works…

Strategically swap in a meat muncher immediately after Trago does his stunning move. Cooldown is a good 3 moves. Preferably a dino with defense shattering moves. I love trotting out Trex again Trago.

Allo is really good against him, it’s a common dino, but really good at high level, mine is 21, his basic attack do between 1250-1300 dmg, so in two hit trago die, and you can broke is shield also with his basic attack, so not bad. And, maybe your opponent will think you will use the second attack of allo, this one don’t break shield even if it’s more powerful, then he can use his incivility shield, and then you counter him while using your basic attack ! And allo got really good healt, 35** at lvl 21!

Here are easy strategies. When you see Tragodistis and you know it’s going to use Invincibility, it’s a non-attack move so take the free opportunity to switch out your Dino to one of these types.

  1. something with Nullify, of course, to remove the shield. If you don’t have one, then try this

  2. something with a shield of its own. Your shot is getting blocked anyway so use this low 1x damage move that saves you 50% of the next 2 attacks.

  3. something with Immunity to avoid the Stun

  4. something with Slowing Impact. Again, a wasted shot but now you have speed control.

Don’t use your hardest shot when it’s shield is up except for maybe a Slowing Impact. Sure, maybe Tragodistis counters with a Superiority Strike but that is 1x damage and it saves you from getting hit with the 2x damage Rampage. Either of these will give you 2 more shots of your own, that’s how the Battles are won.

Added note: If you don’t have any of these to fall back on then your Battle team is not balanced correctly.

Stegod beats trago… just have to use the right moves

Ankylocodon well used can do a great damage to tragos.