Trago or Para?

So here’s the thing, I love Tragodistis. I think he’s a really solid tank, but his health is pretty bad. Paramoloch is one of my most hated dinosaurs. Every time I face it I’m praying that I have an immune Dino in my deck. It has a huge health pool and stuns for multiple consecutive turns if set up correctly, but I never seem to yield the same results. Thoughts?

I’ve binned both of them, I could take both of them to lvl 21 with dna to spare but can’t see the point of either at the mo.

It would be a hard choice to choose one, if I had to I would choose one and keep lolling it from.

I went tournoloch and he’s super bad

I went for trago. At equal levels trago can take down stegod if the stuns land.