Tragod bug


Bug Description: Tragodistis long invincibility shield being removed by another Trago and others.

Area is was found in: Sorna Marshes & Jurassic Ruins, etc.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Deploy long invincibility shield.
Step 2 - Other dino attacks. Shield vanishes after one turn.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Fairly common, but Random at the same time. Started after 1.4 was released.

What type of device are you using: Samsung S7 Edge.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) Unable to get screenshots. At first I thought the other dino legitimately removed my shield, so I ignored it…Until I went up against an equally leveled Trago. He launched his shield first, then I deployed mine on the same turn. Next turn he beat me to the button and hit me with rampage. My shield then vanished. His stayed on.


Also tragods damage calc is off the preview is giving incorrect info


Hey MagicFingers, did your shield vanish after or before your opponent hit your dino with rampage? The shield only lasts for 2 turns so it should have disappeared after the rampage hit. Did your opponent’s shield stay on the 2nd turn after you used your ability or did it vanish as well? If you have any more information on the battle, our support team could take a look and investigate and see if there’s a problem. Reach out to them here at with your support key.


I faced that, too.
Fighting my lvl17 I swallow a lvl16 drink.
Mine was slower due to a superiority strike on the last turn.
Then, his swallow put the shield and on the same turn I put my shield.
After the next attack, my shield was gone, but his shield lasted another turn.
His shield got 3 atacks, mine just one.
We put shields in the same turn, his lasted more than mine…
So weird to me.


(Turn one) Both myself and my opponent launched our shields on the same turn. (Turn 2) I was hit with rampage and my shield immedeiately disappeared, as I understand was supposed to happen. He got hit by me and his shield stayed. I was confused because they should have also ended on the same turn. I’m positive it happened this time because of the fact we launched our shields on the same turn. Since it only lasts two turns, I guess the problem is why did his shield last 3? On a side note, occasionally his stunning effect lasts 2 turns even without priority. Thank you for reaching back out to me.


Its all about exact order. Its not really turns as a whole but your opponents turns.
Example: you go first launch shield then he launches shield. Your shield has taken one turn already and his none since you went before his shield was deployed.
Turn 2 can go 2 ways if you are same level.
-turn 2 a: you go first hitting his shield for turn 1 against him, then he goes making your shield go away, but his still stands since youve only had 1 turn since his was deployed.
-turn 2 b: basically same as a, except he goes first and your shield goes away after his attack and i believe you would take counter damage after your attack.
Turn 3, assuming no stuns, he can damage you, but this is your second turn against his shield and will still do no damage.


It’s all confusing. Basically what you’re saying is, if you both launch your shields on the same turn, if you launch first you’ll only see your shield for 2 turns, and you’re equally leveled tragod opponent will see it for 3 turns. On that first turn, your shield was defending against that current turns attack…so you will only see it for one more turn. Since your opponent went second, his shield was not actually attacked that turn, so the timer doesn’t start until the next turn. Is that correct @Mjolnir416?


Yes. Dont think of it as turns, but opponents actions. You both get your shield for 2 opponent actions, but they happen on different game turns.

Its the inner, somewhat hidden, chess game.


Thank you @Mjolnir416! I think you just made me a better player!


@Mjolnir416 I was trying to thank you, but my post was flagged. Lol. Who knows…but I’m grateful for your insight.