Tragodistis buff

Tragodistis has no actual 1.5x or 2x moves, so I wanted to give it some, plus a shields and heal upgrade.

Ludia: nerf it even more got it :+1:





How Trago became so bad is beyond me.

am i doing something wrong?

No @anon28420136
I didn’t mean your rework, I meant Ludia nerfing it time after time till it became so bad


is it a good rework?

I would give it a well deserved rampage, and a resilient counter, but then I love Trago and always have.


I would just take it back to how it was before 2.0

Do not take away that group heal. It needs it for specific raid strats. Emergency Heal is a downgrade.


she is bad for pvp but in raids she is where she shines, anyway we can try to make her functional for pvp and raids

descarga (53)

give her medium resilient or minor resilient counter attack too, or just a simple medium counter

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And considering that even freaking Amargoceph has GDI, I don’t get why Trago has GDS.

And Amargoceph still has that counter last I checked.

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I love trago


Maybe nix the damage on the shield tho, Nemys and Indo raids come to mind

I feel it’s like a defensive turo. If anything, an extra turn cooldown

No I mean hitting a counter attacker and losing the shield