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Tragodistis is great


Because he has the best death animation by far. He literally jumps to the side and slumps down.

Cracks me up every time.

Alankly is runner up though, as it turns around and falls down.


lol, you half expect trag to bounce a few times!

I love the way the birds are so dramatic when they die.


drama queens, each and every one of them.


I liked watching the birds when they die. Flopping over on the ground. Reminds me of soccer players when they are faking an injury…lol



that’s for sure!

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I agree that the birds are real drama queens!! :rofl:

I also love the way smaller dinos like Dilorano, Koola go flying backwards when they die!!


In my world the dinos don’t die… they faint, like pokemon :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, seriously, how could they return to you if they’re dead?! :thinking:


Haha good point!!

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It’s also mentioned multiple times in the tutorial that they’re “knocked out” and “need to rest” in between battles. I guess we’d be pretty terrible members of the DPG if we killing the dinos we’re protecting😂


Why ARE we battling them?


That’s a good question. With the strike towers I pretend they’re rogue dinos that are destroying things, so our dinos have to save the city. As far as the PvP I have no clue😂


because in this world we feel weak, we feel emasculated, we feel powerless.

through these fictional digital avatars, we gain a sense of power, urgency and agency that we lack in our personal lives. for a brief moment (unless its a stego trago battle) we feel connected to a world larger, livelier and more vital than our own, and are separated from the commonplace, above the pettiness and we align with our reptilian mind.

it would be too simple, too limiting, to say that we simply live vicariously through them, that speaks to a level of bifurcation which i personally do not feel with my creatures, but, rather, they are extensions of us - not simply doing our will, but forming a sort of symbiotic partnership wherein they do what we cannot, and we do what they never could.

also, those huge flashing jaws on a crit are hella rad.


Indoraptor dying cracks me up

Not because of the animation, just because I hate him

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I have bonded with my dinos, especially my beloved Indoraptor, and couldn’t bear it if something happened to them… other than a brief fainting episode (bring the salts!) :heart_eyes:

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Same! I give them pep talks before battles and coach them during the fights😂

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Wow dude, you think that? xdd the best death animation is of the Tryostronix
He literally roars and gives himself a whole tour before he falls to the ground

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Birds are definitely my favorite deaths. They’re like Victorian ladies in a swoon, and it always makes me chuckle.