Tragodistis or gigaspikasaur?


Already have tragodististis but dont know if continue leveling him or save amargosaurus dna for gigas, need one tank more vs dat raptors etc
There is my team atm


I generally view Giga as a worse version of Stegodeus. Tragodistis is far more versatile IMO


you do not need another tank


This is correct. Also my Eini constantly destroys Stegoceratops of higher levels. I would swap them and level Eini again.


But i have a problem, dont know why but i hate eini xd, i see tragodistic usefull vs indomnus rex but vs the rest usualy ever lost the match


I don’t have either yet but I can tell you I always beat Gigas, but Tragos typically give me trouble. Whatever that’s worth to you. I’m trying for Trago myself.