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Tragodistis redesign concept

So, here is my Tragodistis redesign based on you suggestions (it’s not the best drawing but you get the idea of the redesign)

As for the stats and moveset I thought about:

Health: 4800
Attack: 1000
Speed: 108
Armor: 30%
Crit: 5%


Superior Vulnerability
Decelerating Rampage
Long Invincibility
Impact and run

0.25× Counter Attack

What do you think about it? Let me know if you would do any changes to the stats or moves


Wow, saying it’s not a great drawing? That’s an overstatement. It looks great! Wish Tragod looked like that


Cool design, Dynuel! It’s a very good drawing. :smiley:

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Thank you :grin:, honestly I always tend to criticise my drawings but I’m still happy when others appreciate them

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Thank you very much :grinning:

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Great redesign! I prefer Trago as he looks now, although your drawing is still astounding


Urk, Sean, I believe what you mean to say is - “… Not a great drawing? That’s an overstatement”. Or something along those lines. Saying that’s an “understatement” means that the person was making the negative comment on a lighter note, when it really is more horrible than stated.

It’s like if someone trashed a hotel room in a fit a rage, and someone else said - “welp, Billy was just a bit angry”. Another person’s response could be - “A ‘bit’ angry? That’s an understatement! Look at the room!”

Sorry, I just don’t want you to accidentally hurt someone’s feelings is all.

Now for the actual topic. The drawing is awesome! I would’ve loved to see Tragod like this instead of what we have now. And the moveset is decent as well. Although at the same time, these are hybrid creatures - not every creature has smooth skin and symmetrical body features. We’re gonna get strange looking hybrids as well.

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Isn’t it too similar to tuora?

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I love it. It brings up details from both creatures equally.

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Loved that you’ve listened to my advices but Id stick to the old face of trago


Honestly I think they are pretty distinguishable, but I can see the similarities. But at the end they are both Ornithopods with spikes so there is not much you can do design-wise

I always listen to good advices👍. I just think that the Parasaurolophus head goes better with the body type. The other head would be too small.

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I had a feeling I used it in the wrong context, they got what I was saying anyways. No harm done.

Tragodistis Gen 2. Same ingredients.
Ludia, make it happen.


Nice Tragodistis concept :smiley:. But like the others, the old design is my better design. No offense. Looks nice but I like my tragod design. Tragodistis needs Stat rework tho.

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Thank you. Honestly I also kinda prefer the current design, maybe because of nostalgia (trago was my second legendary hybrid).