Tragodistis speed


Is it just me or is this guy waaay faster than it it should be for a tank with superiority strike and counter attack? And double invincibility.


He lost 1 speed but gai ed superior strike, he is a faster utility tank


She sacrifices a LOT of health for that speed.


Tragodistis is way too fast and that doesn’t make any sense because it’s a tank with 40% armor. It needs a nerf!


Let me guess… neither of you who are moaning have got one :upside_down_face:


I will get one very soon but I still think it needs balancing. That speed is not right because of the armor.


That speed is right because of it’s health. Without it it would be one shot by every single pierce armor rampage…

You only see one side of the dino, that’s like saying “oh no t-rex attack stat is way to high compare to others dinos…and that crit ! It should be nerfed”


But there is no logic in that… How on earth a heavy dinosaur should be that fast? Yeah, I know it’s a game but that one shouldn’t be faster than Gorgosuchus, Megalosuchus or any “light weight” dinosaur without armor. :slight_smile:


rhinos are pretty heavy and fast, so is a hippo… there’s counters to every dino out there :+1:


That creature shouldn’t be that fast with so heavy and powerful armor. It’s just my opinion so you don’t have to agree. :slight_smile:


It can be fast, but ludia please change tryostronix’s speed to 124.


I’ve always thought that the Tragodistis was way too fast for a bulky tank (like a Snorlax on speed), glad other people realise that too. It’s a hybrid, so where does it get it’s speed of 124 from? Can’t be Amargocephalus (104), that get’s its speed from Amargasaurus (104), so it must be the ever so speedy Parasaurolophus (113) - Hmm nope that’s still 11 speed slower… so what we have here is either a hybrid of unknown-parentage, or a rather seriously imbalanced tank which packs both instant invincibility for x2 turns, has 40% armour, very high hit-points and is hard hitting - with a good attack, access to stun, rampage and slow down an opponent - why does it even have superiority strike if it’s so fast?!!). So to everyone who’s said it’s illogical you’re spot on!

I think the @Devs at Ludia should review this imbalanced hybrid and go back to the drawing board regarding it’s speed stat and bring it back down to 113 speed max where it should be.


Perfect example. Rhinos are faster than wolves despite them being heavily armored…ANd I’m pretty sure speed is no a metric for how fast a dino run in this game :sweat_smile:

I’m fine with it, it could even be a brachiosaurus hybrid faster than every other dino if it fits in the gameplay (balanced in the battle just like the tragodistis for which I really like the design by the way)


Leave it as it is and stop bloody moaning… rather than cry, go out and make one


Actually, wolves are not slower than rhinos. They are about the same. Kitalon is right that as a hybrid of Amargocephalus and Parasaurolophus it shouldn’t have that super speed. It’s already a very powerful legendary with 100% invincibility for 2 turns and superiority strike.


Sorry doctor dolittle :upside_down_face:


There are so many nullifying strike and defense shattering that shields are not a problem at the moment.

Once again, if it didn’t have this speed, it would be a one shot from the majority of defense shattering team (around 115-120 speed)

For this question I stand with the actual game design, it’s fine as it. Trago is a strong superhybrid but not at all an unwinnable match up. It has many viable counters while being strong in some other match ups. To me it’s the definition of a neat design with breaking the tasteless rule (armor = slow)


I really think the inheritance should play a very important role in making hybrids. It just doesn’t make any sense in some cases right now.


we can see it’s fast as when it enters the arena it does like a little skid to slow down


Ok, remove the speed and add 1,5k health to him like stegodeus, i can deal whit that change