Tragodistis Stun Bug

Half the time when tragodistis stuns opponent, the next move is an opponent attack. Very frustrating as I know this bug has been around awhile. Just happened against Indoraptor who doesn’t need any help.

This is after you used Superiority strike.
You slow him then stun. The turn ends and the slow wears off. It’s not actually a bug. You will learn from this. You should stun first then slow Dino’s that are faster than you in the future.


Stun, ss, rampage and goodbye

It has been commented several times, in fact it is not a bug although at first it is difficult to understand. When one creature stuns another it loses its turn but if it is faster in the next turn, it will strike first.

Practical example:

Tragodistis has speed 126, Indoraptor has speed 128

1 Turn: Start Indoraptor using cleaning Impact causing enough damage to Tragodistis and Tragodistis Use Superiority Strike gaining speed for the second turn

2 Turn: Starts Tragodistis uses Greater Stuning Impacty manages to stun. Indoraptor loses second turn.

3 Turn: As Indoraptor is faster than Tragodistis, start before using Defense Shatering Rampage and possibly kill Tragodistis.

This is not an error, it is the correct functioning as it is defined.

Then the other person will complain about “getting stunned by moves that don’t stun” xD

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I think I got it

A successful Stun does NOT give you an extra attack. It removes your opponent’s next attack. Makes a difference when you have a temporary speed advantage that is running out.

Doesn’t explain why when Stegoceratops and Stegodeus trade Slowing Impact and Thagomizer, each of which slows opponent by 50%, allows Stegodeus to go next.

that’s a bug that’s being fixed.

It’s based on the fact that speed decreases used to have different values (50% decrease versus 40% or whatnot) and how the system calculates rounding.

So presumably the Stegoceratops Slowing Impact “label” was changed to 50% when the actual percentage (40% or 33%) was not.