Tragodistis stunning

Does it ever not work?

I swear, I don’t remember once when it didn’t stun.

Anyone who uses this stupid dino have their stun not work? (can you tell I hate the dumb thing?)

Don’t worry, mine never stun when the stun means victory :joy:


Yep, my always stuns except when it really needs to :rofl:

But seriously, this was my first legendary and I’ve used it ever since. Even despite the mind numbing gameplay discomfort because it’s just an awesome dino with a very versatile kit. About the stun though, it works as advertised far as I can tell, failing about 25% of the time. If anything, I have better luck with my Paramol’s 75% stuns.

Mine stuns more than my Monosteg. Which isn’t saying much. But it still fails me quite often. Unless I’m playing against it. :joy:

It occasionally fails. Feels great when it does the moment they really really need that stun, because Rexy is waiting with drooling open jaws for that stun to fail.

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I think Monosteg’s stunning move might be a typo. I won’t know for sure unless it actually works one of these days.

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Hah! Very true! I only use it for the 1.5 attack. If it actually stuns, i consider it a bonus!:joy:


Like you read my mind :mage:t6:‍♂

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Yeah mine rarely stuns but it seems my opponents always works I had a Paramoloch kick my butt the other day stunned me from start to finish didn’t get a move off so that was quite frustrating :joy: but I have had some rare battles where I’m being rag dolled everywhere and I’ve brought out one of my dodgers and dodged everything and won I’ve been on the receiving end of that myself so I can imagine how the other guy felt

Forget the stunning. Why is the stupid thing so fast!?

@Michael_Rogers was that me you fought? I’ve done that a few times in the last week to some poor Stegods and Trags. XD

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I also see T-Rex is very sensitive to trago’s stuns… maybe just a whisful thinking, but my experience says 90% trago stuns T-Rex

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Paramoloch is the real fun time.

I usually swap to Trex immediately after Trago uses stun. Very satisfying :smiling_imp:

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One-shotting paramoloch brings such joy to my day. He can’t run from that :smirk:

It didn’t work just now and just that crucial moment got me to the 4000 mark Hahaha

Not ingnoring you Asta my first reply got hidden because of a naughty word but yeah it could of been you I just sat back and watched my Dino being pummelled all over the place had a cigarette and a coffee still going :joy:

Gotta keep it pg in here. Dont wanna upset someone’s poor feelings. Lol
Nah, you’re fine though.
I sometimes feel bad towards the people I stun 4-6 times with my para. Its just painful to watch and I’ve had it happen to me before.