Tragodistis vs Gigaspikasaur


I, a young fledgling, am finally starting to look towards getting my first legendary. To that end, is it better to put Amargasaurus DNA towards my amargocephalus (with a view to creating the tragodistis) or to hang onto it for Gigaspikasaur? Opinions welcome please :slight_smile:


Hey pal,
Great question … we’ve actually asked this one alot. if you search it you can probably find the thread…

Long story short, most people go with trago, and rightfully so… faster, better attacks and cleansing


Sorry, and thanks!


No worries man… haha, I’ve asked it myself

I’ve got a giga… it’s got some nice features but soaks up a lot of amargo!!
I’m planning on retiring it to make room for a unique (hopefully soon)


I’ll want both eventually (gotta catch 'em all), just a question of priority!


No trago for me tho… if I went that route, I probably would probably be retiring someone else off the team


If advancing your battle team is the goal, I’d recommend going for amarga and trag. Trag is a mainstay on my team. Giga’s not bad, but got benched pretty quickly. Giga is really pretty and worth collecting to admire though.


giga is cute😂. love the light green color. and the 40% armor is awesome


never really understood why tragodistis is so popular. just a less annoying / time consuming version of ankyntrosaurus really.


definitely go for trago. gigaspika is (sadly) nothing more than a buffed up nodopota. you can just level up your nodopota instead. trago is much better also can counter i.rex


both have %40 armor


It’s quite a bit easier to get and level than ankyntro. But mostly look at her cute little face!


ummm because rampage is a thing? and so is superiority strike? so is 124 speed?