Tragodistis vs stegodeus


Come 1.4, whos the better tank? Im thinking stegodeus. I dont know that ill have room for 2 tanks anymore, so my tragodistis is likely to get benched.



I don’t own a tragod, but I fight them a lot, and honestly I don’t think they’re that good. They mostly just waste my time and annoy me, chipping away at my dino’s HP a little bit until I can finally get a couple good hits in. Twice in the past couple of days, I’ve killed a tragod using only a utasinoraptor, and a tank should not fall that easily to a raptor. Now, stegod, on the other hand… it can kill me quickly if I’m not careful. I love mine, too. It’s won me a lot of fights.


This exactly. I have one, and I hate fighting them, and I hate fighting with them. Takes for-ev-errrr!


Trag may be dead with allosinosaurus getting shield shattering attacks. He’ll still be a good situational dino, but Allo is coming… He’s going to put a big hurt on stegod as well.