Tragodistis way OP


You give something that’s a tank long 100% invincibility? Seriously? And it’s faster that IR? I love getting matched against one when it doesn’t give me any of my defense breakers or nullifiers


Or you should look at Alankylo, a tank with SWAP IN INVINCIBILITY and LONG INVINCIBILITY
That means totally 3 turns invincible while swap in.


No it’s not. It’s so easily countered by any tank buster, they’ll just take alot of damage though.


It’s usually died in one bite by a defense shattering dino.


It has weak attacks though. I could swap in my T-Rex and take rampage, stun, rampage, and still drop the Trago.


Right. There’s a post for nerf: stegod, monomimus, now tragod.

At the rate we r going I suggest we just nerf all the legendaries so that they r weaker than commons so even the laziest player can hv an easy time in arena.

Makes me wonder: I put in time n effort n $ into the game and others just shout “nerf” on every other dinos they can’t fight or can’t be bothered to think of how to effectively fight them

Think I’ll just go back to play FarmVille


I wonder if people crying for nerf even realize doing this is only hurting themselves and other players in the long run. It’s in Ludia’s interest to nerf dinos because it forces players to spend on other dinos, and then the vicious cycle repeats. Tragodistis can be annoying but it isn’t invincible, same goes with Monomimus and Stegodeus (this one is probably one of the most well-balanced dinos right now when over-leveled). People who find any dinos “OP” should see this as an opportunity to be creative in their counter strategy as opposed to taking the shortcut and try to make other players’ hard work go to waste. At this rate, there will soon be a cry to nerf all Uniques :rofl:


As with 90% of the OP Dino’s… this one is just easy to Over Level… when a tank has 4-6 levels on any of its opponents tank busters, it feels OP. It’s not. TRex, tryso, gorgo, and numerous other shield breaking rampage Dino’s crush trago once they gain levels. Even Nullifiying strike Dino’s can cripple it and then a faster sweeper can finish it off. Yes, it hard counters some Dino’s… namely the Indo Rex, but just because a dino is strong against something doesn’t mean it needs to be nerfed so all things can beat it.


Exactly. I think the problem is people seem to forget that most of the time dinos seem OP because it’s over-leveled. I’ve no problem defeating Tragodistis or Stegodeus higher level than my own once I know what to use against them.

Monomimus I’m still trying to figure out. :joy:


Just need a Swamp-In Nullify dinosaur to sprinkle into teams.


Monomimus is the only one I agree needs a nerf. I wouldn’t make him for so long as my own personal boycott of him but I just made him this morning… I feel as if my soul is worth less now. Like my integrity has taken a hit lol. He’s far too low level to use yet but he’ll grow


This would be nice


Things like Evasive Stance and Cloak plague the higher arenas, I’m hoping they release something like that in their next update.


While we are on topic of the Monos, I feel like Monostegotop needs a buff, actually. As it is right now, its hp is a bit on the low side that for it to take down a cloaked IRex, it would need to be one level higher. With Monomimus, it’s easy to dispatch when it doesn’t evade. Mine is level 22 but almost never evades :joy:


I’m up there… I’m living it. I still want this:

Cloak becomes a SIA, swap in for 100% (or 75%) dodge… next turn double damage.

Evasive stance, dodge the next attack, becoming immune to status effects (you dodged it) and counter attack 1x damage stat.

No more RNG multi turn shenanigans


I sent Ludia a message about Monostegotops. I was like… it’s supposed to counter IRex but it will lose 80% of the time since it needs to get a crit to kill the IRex. It definitely needs a buff, but that will make it far stronger against more opponents. So I’m pretty sure they are reluctant to do it


It just needs a slight buff on hp so that at least it can defeat IRex of the same level


It needs the damage buff because the IRex will get lucky crits often enough to still win if you buff the hp so Monosteg can attack 3x

You need to kill the thing in 2 hits to be an effective counter


My IRex almost never gets lucky crits :rofl:


I was just thinking earlier today that Megalosuchus doesn’t have shield breaker move. Anyone think she should? 3 of the 4 dinosaurs used to make her have shiled breaker. Only brought it up since my Megalosuchus had a hard time against Tragodistis recently. hehe