Tragoditis or stegodeus


My parasulphus is level 12… is it worth saving up the DNA and coins to make tragoditis or would you just focus everything on stegodeus ??


Both. Their dont use the same ingradients.


I know that… but I can currently get stegodeus.
But I can’t yet get tragoditis, as my para is only level 12…

What I’m saying is what is better to invest coins in?


Stegodeus ia the king of tanks, but tragodistis is a beast now too, you can go for 2 eventually


Just so you know the tragodist two turn invincibility is a lying sack of garbage just like all the moves in this game! So don’t pick dinosaurs based on their moves unless you want to lose allot!

I am sick of this stuff either it is or it isn’t! If it’s 50/50 put it in the damm move


How did you get far enough in the game to have Tragodistis but not know how invulnerability works?


In the current meta its tragodistis all the way. Shes incredibly strong due to the two turns invincibility, overwhelming standard attack and weak counterattack as new passive ability. Won me so many games allready


Invulnerable and invincibile are not the same thing


Whichever it is, I’m talking about the mechanic in the game not what the word means in the dictionary.

In this game, it’s a shield that reduces all incoming damage. That shield can be removed. Get over it.


My lvl 16 Stegodeus beat a level 18 Tragodistis at the start of a match head to head, just sayin


No if you know when to do the shield, anyway if i must choose one of these tanks for my team i prefer 100% stegodeus


You said how could I have progressed so far in the game and have tragodistist and not know about this move! My response to you was to explain my position as this is a completely new move in the game not the same move as before as it’s label is totally different from any other move which leads one to believe it is absolute invinciblilty and not just a regular shield regardless of the icon!

Especially since the other invulnerable and invincibile moves say 100% shield!

Btw I have gotten over it! I was simply explaining my position in this thread only to your response