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My Alliance keeps getting requests from players whose names are Trainer(insert 7 seemingly random numbers). Anyone else getting this? Seems really strange.

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Same here. I got 2 today.

Part of me is wondering if it’s some sort of spoofing/cheating.

I wonder if they’re bots that are always online and can be requested for friendly battles. Would give players who don’t have an alliance/ friends a way to complete daily battle missions.

They do post in game chat so don’t think they are bots and they aren’t always online.

I believe when I first signed up the default name was “Trainer00000” Not sure how many numbers there were. Perhaps they just took the default and did not pick a username?

Can anyone who started a second account verify the default IGN?

That is default name in game before you change it

I get them a lot, they’re people, they always chat in my Alliance

The ones I let in never chat and don’t seem to do anything either. But at least now I know. Thanks for the info.

I’ve never accepted any player with a name like this although I’ve been getting requests from names like this for sooo long. I figured if you’re too lazy to create a name, why would I want you in my alliance?


That’s the way I’m beginning to feel.

I get those all the damn time.

Thanks for clearing this up, I had been wondering the same thing, suspecting they may be bot-created accounts. For that reason they have been an automatic reject for me (but tbh I’m very reluctant to accept any blind requests - especially since they still all appear to have 0 trophies and you don’t see their trophies until after they join your alliance).

I’ve had much better luck recruiting here.

I’ve had a couple “Trainer#######” in my alliance over time.

Trainer0927506 and Trainer7261629.

I get friend requests from them occasionally and they are always level 1 or 2.
Always weirded me out because I know I wasn’t in their recent opponent tab.

Anyone see guests anymore hmmmm !! Just saying lol

No. Not for a long time.

When I signed in with Facebook instead of Google my game started at training grounds. I was assigned Trainer###### as my ign. The ones we see are newer players that haven’t changed their name.