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Training 2 star dragons


So I have a dragon that’s has 2 golden stars. Its level 1 however when I try to level it up by selecting the other cards it shows what level it will be however when I click the accept button it uses the cards and doesn’t level up…

Anyone else experiencing this or know how to solve?


I have the same experience. Take note however, that even though the dragons level does not increase, the stats for the dragon does increase. So you are still improving the dragon. I do not know if this is intended, or not, as I do not know if there is a cap to how much a dragon can be raised. I emailed support the day after release, and have not heard back yet.


I had emailed support about the very same issue a while ago and I received a response today indicating they are considering the issue. I’ve posted some more thoughts in the “ suggestions” thread.

In addition, after my email to support, I encountered a Zesty Zippleback in a story mode battle that clearly had been leveled much further than the “maxed” ZZ’s we have been given — its overall strength was 670ish compared to the 530ish of mine even though its ability level was lower than mine


Even though a dragon has been max level, you can still train them to increase stats.


Hi, I was just about to ask the same thing. So instead of creating a new thread, I would reanimate this one.

@ Ludia (Marcus): After reaching max level of a dragon, it is still possible to level him up to increase his ability level, Is this intended or not? Is there is a cap to how much a dragon can be raised except when it reaches max stars and max ability level?



No. Feed it all you want, even after ability is maxed. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing either(especially 2nd as that is silly)


You can’t try to level up an ability once the dragon hits max training and level.


I was able to on accident, I thought I had more levels and it let me continue feeding.
Ok so it is grayed out now. When I did it, I hit max level, but it kept letting me feed and the yellow bar kept going up. Must be a glitch