Training Academy

I need to level I think it is 12 or maybe 24 dragons to level 124 to upgrade my Hall but my Training Academy is maxed out at 100. I need more Vikings to level that up but can’t. Is there another way that I am missing?

Are you sure you have built or upgraded all possible viking buildings? Other players have gotten past 100; I think it’s unlikely Ludia borked the tech tree somehow.

If you still can’t figure it out, maybe send a screen shot of the upgrade requirements for the training ring, and also one showing your current/max vikings?

According to the wiki:

Based on the upgrade requirements you cite, your Meade Hall should be level 13, and your academy also level 13. To train dragons to level 124, you need your academy at level 15, with 3210 and 6350 vikings required to upgrade, respectively. At level 13, your Meade Hall by itself should give you a max 2550 vikings, with level 14 giving you 7200¹ max.

The difference comes from the forge, which you need to build. If you can’t get 3210 vikings, I’m guessing you don’t have it yet, because level 1 should give you 4550 max vikings; enough to get your academy to level 14.

My guess is either a) you haven’t built the forge yet, or b) you haven’t started upgrading any existing buildings.

(¹ I suspect this number is wrong.)

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I haven’t got enough dragons at 100 to build the forge. That’s what it is. Thanks

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