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Training method


Greetings fellow dragon trainers!
To achieve the best training results for your dragon, here are some tips:

  • try to release 10 dragons at once
    (you can save fish by doing so, each feeding will get more expensive)

  • chose dragons with the same color as the Dragon you are currently training
    (Dragons with the matching color grant you bonus xp and a better % for your power ability improvement)

  • the rarer the dragon, the better the bonus
    (be patient, don’t release dragons you will miss later on. 2* Dragons can still be valuable for breeding purposes, even if you don’t use them in your team)

I hope I was able to collect the most important tips posted in this thread, have fun training your Dragons!

original post:
Hello there, I’m enjoying the game so far and am looking forward to new features.
Some character in game told me to regularly train my dragons, which is what I did. Now I found out that it would make more sense to save up fish and smaller dragons and feed all possible 10 at once for a greater chance of improving the dragons power ability. Not so thankful for his advice after all :sweat_smile:
Cheers, Simon


Dragons are best fed with 10 dragons of the same color. Thanks to which you have increased the chance to improve your dragon’s skills and your dragon gains more experience than when feeding with different colors.


That was pretty funny :rofl: and I agree.


True! I knew about the bonus exp, not yet about the better percentage for ability improvement. Thanks!


I’ve heard that one before and while I am not yet technically able to get 10 dragons without spending even more on the roster increase(first purchase was 10 slots, but now it’s seems to add only 5) - I’ve tried to use about 5-6 dragons at once and I saw no benefits whatsoever. If there is any XP bonus - it’s obscure, and it was always 3% for 1*, 4% for 2* and I don’t remember if I fed 3s yet.
All I know is that feeding the dragon its exact copy will make it a 25% upgrade chance per each copy, and that, obviously, feeding a different color visibly shows less %chance and XP. Though generally 3
are better than 2* and 3* hybrids are basically almost 4* dragons, so even if you have a maxed out 2*, like the one handed out with the breedery - it will still be useless, no point to max out its ability by feeding its copies to it, instead of a higher ranked dragon.

So does this “bonus” trigger ONLY if you actually feed all 10 at once? Like I said, up to ~6 there is no bonus ability improvement, at least no VISIBLE bonus.

Honestly, that’s one of the many things that the game takes no effort to make clear(like what’s the point of missing a dragon color, is breedery chance affected by level\training), but if it’s actually true - hell, I have some runes to spend on expanding the storage, buying drafts is bypassing content anyway.


i guess feed more dragons at once can not only get extra exp,but also save fish, which increased when dragons lv up. And this can increase the chance to lv up the skill, which is quite hard… sucess % quite low…


Okay, that’s actually a good point about the fish, haven’t thought of that. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the cost to upgrade indeed stayed for the current level if you upgraded like 10 levels at a time.
No idea about the skill chance, though. For all intents and purposes, the the very idea of saving fish is relevant, so I’ll buy some more roster space and probably have enough material to test it by tomorrow evening.


I haven’t upgraded my hatchery yet but will do so to breed only dragons of a certain color. Will do 10 green then 10 red etc. this should benefit the training results immensely and I can stick with the small roster for now


I do not know if it is profitable, at least at the beginning of the game. You will quickly lose the scales needed for the training of dragons.


Exactly as Szaddaj said - scales aren’t infinite. And with the 1h hatching time - you might run into the egg cap.

Personally - I have scales to train dragons, my shortage is gold, but still, unless I had like 100+ of each scale(which is technically possible, just not a week from the game’s launch) I wouldn’t spend scales on anything save for the training Duty.

Besides, upgrading hatchery takes precious gold, which I still need for the Fishery, soon for Breedery, not to mention having a lineup of 30ies waiting for training, got one and more on the way.

As for the main topic, here’s what stacking 10 dragons gives me:
Subject - 3* Pincher, level 1, just trained:
-A copy - 25% upgrade chance, ~2.05 levels
-Another copy - 25% upgrade, ~2.05 levels
-Warcry(yellow 3* fresh trained) - 6% upgrade, ~2 levels
-Serene Stormcutter(y2* lvl4) - 4% upgrade, ~1.75 levels
-3x Serene Stormcutter(untrained) - 4% upgrade, ~1.35 levels “each”, checked
-3x Woodland Stormcutter(untrained 1*) - 3% upgrade, ~0.65 level “each”, checked

Final result - level 14.6, 81% upgrade chance, which seems to add up, but…


I’ve done my 50 cents, can someone please confirm or debunk this myth?


What bonus do you mean?
When it comes to experience, there is no bonus you get. @SuiGer meant that you get more experience for every dragon eaten in the same color as the upgraded dragon.


I guess I did not focus on the “same color” as that’s kind of obvious “even to me”. I was more preoccupied with 10 dragons at once, a method I’ve seen suggested in another game, but I never got to try it there, this game is kind of better.

So the only clear reason to do it is what Lam_Sk said:


Yes, each next feeding costs more fish for one dragon. Therefore, it is best to feed ten dragons at the same time.
As I will be feeding next time, attach screenshots.


The first feeding - 2450 fish per dragon

Another feeding - 2800 fish per dragon

The difference is 350 per dragon. Per 10 dragons is 3500 fish.


Not entirely relevant to the original post, but relevant to the topic title:

What’s the deal with dragon training RNG? I’ve had various 3* get different stats when they are freshly trained, and now I saw that a new Pincher is promised more stats than an old one. Not a big price to pay, compared to 750 runes for this 10-dragon experiment, but here’s the result:

The first image is my old trained Pincher for breeding purposes. Second - a fresh copy about to be trained. Third - what I got after training.


Weird. I think that after upgrading to max, all these dragons would have the same statistics.


So you are telling me even though you got a 81% chance your power ability didn’t improve? :flushed:
You even used copies of the dragon, how is one supposed to improve the ability?


I just noticed that. Will check out what 10 green dragons will do for my training and decide from there. Also need to save up for the breeder now


I didn’t finish it. I just stacked 10 dragons and calculated. I fed my yellow roster to Brute-Wurst. But, yes, even 81% can technically fail. I was cursed with the Curse of Nimble Nadder for a couple of days, where I got like 6 of him in a row from 3*+3* breeding, drafts, hatching - plenty of copies. Some I fed to Tense Typhoomerang, which I kind of regret now, but I had plenty left for a 70%+ chance when I fed the Nadder and it still failed.

It’s all about RNG. My Hide-Fryer is abandoned at 25, his skill is lvl4, I think I only fed him his copy once, he was just lucky.

I wanted to point out that feeding 10 dragons at a time may save a lot of fish, but it reduces you actual upgrade chances. Think of it this way:
Would you rather have 3 x 25% chance to succeed or 1x 25% chance to fail?

But from where I’m sitting - I barely manage to get enough Fish, have to even ignore the rune quests, so I don’t think there is any point to worry about the ability on 2-3* dragons, even hybrids. Maxing something out is the goal when you push a 4-5* to the max, that’s when you’ll have not 30+40+X levels to go through, but like 30+40+50+60+X. At that point, if you are unlucky even with 10-dragon feedings, then perhaps feed smaller portions to gamble at the cost of fish(if this game doesn’t have a fixed seed). Until then - just take whatever RNG gets you.

P.S.: Regarding my Pincher post - I originally thought that this growing bonus was some kind of an incentive. Like, you train a dragon once - it gets the smallest upgrade. But with each copy you train, you… get better as a trainer?.. and the dragon starts up with higher stats. Irrelevant if that’s a copy of a dragon you already have leveled, but if you tried something new, this could be a way to skip some post-max training levels, sort of 2k fish+scale to make the initial stats of each dragon better.
Maybe devs will do something like this?


News: I managed to upgrade a power ability to level two.
I only had a 18% chance to do so, but it worked. On the hybrid dragon one gets when building the breedery