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Training method


I can’t seem to find an answer I’m looking for and this thread seems like a good place to ask, or maybe it has and I missed it. Is it better to level 3* dragons before starting on 4 or 5* dragons? In empires and puzzles, it takes much more resources to level characters of higher value up and there are instances where some quests you need lower levels. I got one 5* and one 4*, not sure if I should start leveling them when I’ve only just started the game. I noticed the amount of fish is about equal to level my dragons at least in the lower levels regardless of rarity.


The only obstacle in leveling the dragons is the obligation to have a second copy of the dragon when we want to raise it to the third star or higher. That’s why I suggested you start with leveling three-starred dragons, because at the beginning of the game you can easily get from breeding and basic draws. For now the game is under development and there are no quests for a specific group of dragons.
You can get to know the game better by reading this guide.