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Training Mode. Test/Practice

I have an idea for this game. It’s called training mode, in this mode, you select any dinosaur in your collection and train it. You can select 1-4 to work with. The training has 2 modes, Testing and Practice.

In Test, You use moves against a sandbag, which never dies. It tells you how much damage it does. You can also change the armour. Everything has its current levels and boosts.

In Practice, You Select Dinos to battle against. You must have created them to use them, because after you pick your 1-4, you must also pick 1-4 for them. You can duplicate, and if you want, choose exactly the same team, or you can make it random (and if you do that, it can choose dinosaurs you don’t have!) You can exit this battle at any time, as it is just a sandbox mode. Everything is set to level 26, and boosts are disabled.

For example, I could make a 1v1 monomimus vs procerathomimus, or a full on Rat battle. It could be erlidom vs Indoraptor, anything! This would also be helpful to gamepresses simulator and tier lists.

Overall it would be nice to have something like this in the game!


This would be great for testing out various matchups and such to try and better tailor your team to the current arena threats you face in your current bracket without risking losing trophies in a real match, and since it doesnt require an opponent you can do it when you want, for as long as you want.

Great idea :slight_smile: